I recently traveled to Cancun, Mexico with my boyfriend. Many people thought we are insane for traveling during a pandemic, but in all honesty we felt extremely safe. Masks were required in the airport and on the airplane. Security moved surprisingly fast. I will say our flight to and from Cancun was pretty full, but again everyone was required to wear a face mask. We flew through American Airlines and upon entering the plane they give you a little care package with hand sanitizer, a mini water, and pretzels. No in flight service was available due to COVID, so you were urged to purchase food and/or beverages before you got on the plane.

Upon arriving to the Cancun airport, rules were the same. Masks had to be worn at all times. Grabbing our luggage and getting through customs was extremely quick and easy. Our shuttle transportation (Best Day travel) driver greeted us with hand sanitizer before getting into the van, masks also had to be worn on our trip to the hotel.

We stayed at the all-inclusive Breathless in Rivera Cancun and the resort did everything possible to make us feel safe. Upon our arrival we were greeted with hand sanitizer and had to sanitize our shoes on a floor mat before going to the check-in office. They took our luggage and sanitized it before bringing it up to our room. There were many hand sanitizing and shoe sanitizing areas throughout the hotel. Masks were recommended for guests staying at the hotel, but not required. All staff members were wearing masks or face shields. The staff definitely went above and beyond to make you feel safe.

The hotel was only open at 30% capacity, so to put that into perspective there were only 161/560+ hotel rooms that were able to be occupied at this current time. They only had 2/3 of their outdoor pools open. One of the pools was more of a “party” pool where they had a swim up bar. The other pool was more relaxed and quiet. We spent most of our time at the relaxed pool. As far as food, they had a breakfast and lunch buffet, but it was no self serve. You walked up to the counter and told the employee what you wanted and they put it on your plate, so once again… extremely sanitary. As far as dinner, they only had 2-3 restaurants open every night and they were all a la cart.

Our room was incredible. We stayed in the Allure Junior Suite Ocean view. We had an incredible view over one of the pools and definitely had a good view of the ocean. We were able to upgrade to the Allure Junior Suite Swimout Tropical View and I am glad we didn’t. Even though it would’ve been nice to have a nice little pool to ourselves, you share the swim out pool with everyone on our floor. You also have people walking by all day, and they view was definitely tropical, but all you see is palm trees. That was just our take, though. Our room had a king bed, double shower (which was incredible), and a mini bar. As far as room cleaning, you basically had the choice of whether or not you wanted them to come in your room during your stay. We had them come in every day to switch out our towels and change our bedding. Room service was all no-contact. They had these cool little secret doors that they would slide your food into, and they’d knock on your door to tell you it arrived- it was pretty cool.

Overall, I would 100% say traveling during a pandemic was worth it. We made memories, andĀ felt completely safe while doing so. If you are in good health and are willing to travel, go for it!

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